July 13, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair


Dear Mom, As you can tell this thing is still too much fun. (referring to the typewriter) Things are still looking weird down here in Farmville. The branch down here looks like it won't be much help in doing any missionary work unless they are prodded along. I passed out a sign up sheet for splits in Elders quarum to see what would happen. Anyway, no one signed up at all. We have to call people if we want them to go out and hope they are available. That's not that hard to do, its just annoying to see people be so non committal every one is.

P-day is pretty fun down here. The last couple of times we have decided to play firefly with those new expansions I got in my last area. With that add on the reavers are actually a significant treat. There are three reaver cutters that roam around reaver space. There are also some new contact cards that bring the reavers right to a sector of space next to your ship.

There is some interesting stuff I found out about my district. It turns out that One of the Elders is the sone of my fourth grade teacher in Kearns. This was the guy that you guys always made fun of me for skipping his class. That was Mr. Crowther, now I have an Elder Corwther. I also found out at transfer meeting when I got my trainee that one of the sisters coming out and got my trainee was in my YSA ward in Idaho. Now I'm getting to the point when I even go home before the sisters that are coming out from this transfer on. The sisters I came out with are going home in like 7 months.

Elders P-day was better than I expected but it's still too long. I would be fine with a few hours of stuff to do but these things just take up way too much time. Everyone ever gets bored before its over and no one has the bright idea to go do something else, so we all just sit around and wait. Overall I'm good though. -Elder Applegate


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