May 19, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman


Applegate Family,
I thought I would start this letter with some of my complaints about some of the "Mormonisms" that you find here in the mission. All those things that make no sense to anyone but Mr. Utah.

The mission was asked to take a survey about their habits online and it asked if you study from the Book of Mormon every day. Daily scripture study is necessary but only Elders Utah and butt kiss discredit the rest of the standard works and say the Book of Mormon or blasphemy. That was by big one this week.

It started raining really hard a few minutes ago, so we may not get to do anything today. I kind of hope one of the new guys in the other set likes to play games on p-day. That reminds me to say have fun in Utah when that happens, also be sure to grab my axis & allies stuff at the Kendall's if they can find it. Maybe lagoon would even be a fun destination for everyone. Just don't drink any Coca Cola.

Sorry to hear about the Vitamin Lady business. Maybe it's just time to get out of being self employed. It sounds way to stressful for me. In my last area I saw a new star wars game with little ships and a star destroyer that I really wanted to get. Too bad it was like a hundred dollars. I didn't write it's name down, so I might never see it again. Sad Huh. Love you all, Elder Applegate


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