October 19, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

My companion and I have been talking about college a bit in the last few weeks and I have been thinking a little bit about whether I'll get accepted. (response from Mom: I hope you get accepted but even if you don't, you already have a place to go that is a great school.)

Yeah that's the way I look at it a lot. We have a few investigators here that are getting baptized Halloween weekend and one is a senior in high school and was talking a little bit about college and I mentioned BYU-I and all the cool stuff about it. She apparently now wants to go look at the campus and all that, so I might have done some recruiting work for BYU-I while out here.

Things are going really well out here. This ward has to be one of the most well off areas of the whole mission. We seem to get food from members from everywhere, and now there are a lot of sisters who cant have us over because men aren't home and stuff, so we get given a lot of money to buy ourselves food instead. We don't have any real concerns about how well we can eat.

I have a weird request to make. Me and my greenie want to order a special reproduction of the original book of mormon that we found on deseret book. Deseret book of out of them for a long time. Possibly forever, but I found a link to a seller on Ebay with copies for sale. Could you order us two and have them sent to our address out here. Thanks a ton. I don't want to seem needy or demanding or ungrateful. Everything you do while I'm away has been a huge support and a great comfort.

(Mom mentioned being excited to Skype at Christmas) It's still a ways away, but I'm excited too. Has dad been made a fan of any new games from your special game nights recently. He told me that there have been a few interesting ones that he has liked.

We're at the stake center right now and I can check mails between games. How have things been in the branch recently? Sometimes I kind of worry a little about that place. Sounds like there have been a few move ins. I think her name is Bethany Goepper or something sent me an email when she first moved in. I haven't heard from her since then though. I told Elder Leavitt about the Elder Applegate monument in the hall of the branch building. He thought that was pretty funny. (Response from Mom: I brought the your mission box home this week.) I thought it might be best that the box be taken down. I wouldn't be surprised if some people get sick of seeing me all the time. Things pretty much go the same here as every zone p day. Again the same football game for way too long up and down the same court.
Elder leavitt's really excited to get his Book of Mormon. He wants to know for sure if he should cover the cost of his part of the order? I was curious what you thought of those two game items? Sorry for taking so long to get back.

(Mom: So do you have Zone p-day every month?) There is a zone and an elders p day every transfer. The only difference is that elders p day doesn't have any sisters. It gets king of annoying when I just want to relax and rest on p day and one third of the p days are taken. Sometimes I find companions who want to just stay behind. Last transfer we managed to avoid at least one of the two. Everything is all good though. I've gotten to the point that missionary work is normal and enjoyable all the time p, so I am not nearly as stressed out as when I was newer. My body is still wrecked though.

Did I talk about how the Teacheys are getting baptized in a week and a half on Friday the 30th. Just this week the daughter Becca decided to join her mother in baptism and that was a really great day. We're really excited for that day and we have more people were working with that.


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