October 12, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

re the boy scouts doing okay right now? I heard through the grapevine that they weren't looking too good at the moment. Would dad want to work with them in Utah in the future, or is he going to have to look into doing other stuff? Things are going really well here right now. This companionship is doing just great and we are seeing a lot of work being done here. There was a lot of good potential here when I got moved in and now we are more effectively making the most of it. The last guy was pretty good, but i think he was a little lost. They made him a zone leader, so that should work well for him.

(Mom's response: Zone Leader, well that may also be your future. HAHA) You know you keep threatening me with that. There's a lot of stuff to being a zone leader that takes you away from just being able to do missionary work as much. I can't say no, but I would prefer to just stay in the field all the time. No meetings and reports and issues to deal with. (Mom's Response: that is true, but you have something to offer the other elders that can help them be better missionaries and have more success and reach more people not to mention the leadership skills that you would develop that you will use throughout the rest of your life in service to the Lord and in your personal life. So there are both good and bad either way, if are called to further leadership or not, you will be able to bless the lives of many people.)

Have there been any updates yet on what people want to do for the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? I was thinking the other day about if the Applegate side will still even be having get togethers when I get back, or if everyone will be too busy with everyone going off to college and stuff. I figured everyone on your side is already old, so they aren't going to change much in that aspect. We were just talking the other day about how last year I got almost 200 dollars worth of Papa johns gift cards from all across the board in the mail. man I got sick from eating so much pizza a few times last January. This year I think i want to try and get a few new awesome board games. I don't exactly know what they are yet though. (Mom's Response: So let me know what I should tell people when they ask me what you want. Do you want gift cards to other places to eat like subway etc, walmart?)

If they ask about gift cards, I would say Walmart is the best. If i bought a game, I would probably put the money on my debit card and use that. Most games cost too much to ask one person for, but if they send money I can pool it all together and use that to get stuff. Cash is like the cop out but it really does work best. I was thinking about the old sell mom the gift card thing we used to do the other day. I can use Walmart cards for groceries and then withdraw equal amounts of my missionary funds in cash to get them exchanged that way also.

(from Mom: so let me know what games you are wanting, Dad is always looking for games to send you, so christmas would be a good time to do that.) I mentioned the Hero quest little add on packs things, and it sounds like you guys were introduced to a zombie game called the last of us or something. Those would be pretty good ideas. Maybe if you see something interesting you could send a picture. This reminds me that I took all those magic cards to a store the other day and had them give me an offer on them. They looked through them all (which took a while) and said 75 in store credit or 55 cash. i took the cash and ran. So now I'm out of the magic business. Who got the stuff I left behind? I made a decision that I didn't want to get back into magic when I got home. I have better things to do when I get home and move on with college. (But I still am going to keep my PS4) I feel fine getting rid of the things and not going back to them. I was just curious who ended up with them.


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