October 5, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

Another week down and we've now read the whole book of Mormon in a week, again. We had a great time doing our reading this week, but we are really ready to get back to doing normal work again. We had a great lesson with an investigator mother and her daughter, and the mother sister Teachey is scheduling her baptism for this weekend or at the latest next weekend. That's really exciting and we are working on getting the rest of her family and several others to also go that far in the coming several weeks.

(from Mom: Kaylee got a hold of some chocolate this week but it was not enough to be too big a problem. She reminds me a lot of Sam in that she is really sneaky. She will move really slowly so that you almost don't notice that she is doing something.) That sounds like a lot of fun. Is she pretty well Potty trained so that she can be upstairs without any real issues?

I'm kind of surprised that Madison is thinking about a mission again. I hope she goes out and everything, but I wonder how she will take to having such a hard working schedule that you don't really have to live up to if you don't care about what others say. It's not like she can be fired.

Now that the store is out of your hands is there anything you do on the days you were going up there anymore, or do you have some free days now? (response from Mom: well, I have a ton of house projects that needs to be done.)


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