September 28, 2015


6th Area Midlothian


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

Is anyone around? I landed in Midlothian Ward. Now the area we went to when we had a zone P-day is a few miles away. Everything here is great. My second greenie is much more excited than my last one was. We just moved in to the sisters old apartment since they got moved out of the ward and no replacements were sent, so I got to the area and two days later moved again.

Maybe they felt that the Elders were spending too much time for dinner. Now that I'm out here I notice our Sunday night dinners were pretty much against a lot of the things that most mission presidents set for what dinner appointments can be. If you're ever wondering about things to put on a wish list, one of the games that i found Out here from like 1989 has two little expansion box things. the game is called hero quest and the expansions were called Kellar's Keep and return of the witch lord. Super geeky stuff from that time. Anyway those two expansions would be on a Christmas list. They are more expensive because they have been out of print for so long. just in case you need ideas for when that comes.

(Mom: How are you doing for money?) It's doing fine. In Farmville I sold a card game to another missionary and some stuff, so my personal card has been filled a little. I used some at a restaurant and for groceries. Then I just bought a music CD for our apartment. Overall everything is fine though. The ward gives us money all the time for food. We eat well. We're taking off. See you next week.


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