August 17, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

So the first thing I want to know is what in the world happened to my truck? (This was in response to the photos I sent of the truck after Maddi's accident) Was the accident her fault, and how did it get back to Kewanee?
(response: it runs fine, but the passenger side door has problems opening. It was her fault, she ran a stop sign. They drove it back to Macomb and picked me up and then we all drove home together.) Uh huh, so is she still allowed to drive? When I was in Culpeper (three areas ago) a hispanic guy run through a stop sign and came within inches of hitting our rear left door. I just barely swerved out of the way. That would have been all his fault, but it still would have been a pain to deal with.

Things are looking interesting here in Virginia. I'll cross my year out date in just over a week. I've enjoyed being a missionary and serving so much, but I will really enjoy relaxing and having so much less stress when it's all eventually said and done. I almost always feel exhausted out here. I cant just take a week and rest either.

How is everyone enjoying school if that's in session yet?

I sent Lizzy a letter that actually got picked up mid last week. I'm glad a wrote it that far in advance since it might not have been picked up until it would be too late this week. The postal service in Farmville isn't as good as in other areas. Nothing appears to have gone wrong in getting our mail though, just sending mail takes forever.

(this is about Firefly the game that Gareth sent home for us to use) There are actually some changes on the board, so that would be needed. I can't belive he still thinks about that. I told you about the new expansions I got for it when I bought them also. The board is even bigger and there are new job people and a new shop. There are also three reaver ships, so you really need to be prepared for them. We played it for a few P-days. Everyone seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. It's gotten so big to set up with all the new stuff and even more cards that we find whatever we can to put things on. Yeah. It can be a little complicated to explain at first. Most people just learn the most basic stuff and learn more as they play. The missionary that was going home in a few weeks actually let out a curse or two during some more disastrous aim to misbehave cards. It reminds me of when you got pulled over by the alliance three turns in a row.


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