August 10, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

Did you ever find the game at the Kendall's house? Things look pretty much the same down here. I didn't get transferred though. I'm pretty sure I will be next time though.

We are spending the day up here at a members ranch. This guy is stinking rich. I can email off and on out here depending on what part we are at. Good to hear you found my game at last. I figured it would be around somewhere. Now I'm curious about just as to where it was at? The grey pieces that look like factories and artillery are the ones I don't have. The version I had back there is a lot different than the one I have out here, so the board and the pieces might be a good addition to your next package. Possibly Christmas or year mark or whenever you were planning. No real rush there. That would be awesome though. I got to avoid the transfer calls for another six weeks as I said earlier. That was good to hear. The whole branch loves us out here. The missionaries have been really trunky and not so good at working for a while. If you ask most of them, we are the best missionaries ever. It's kind of cool to see, but I can't let it get to my head. Lizzie's birthday is coming up. I tried to make her a burned CD but it didn't work. I'm gonna have to write her a letter for her birthday. Maybe I can think of something else to send her. I tried to find a way to make a Lego claymation movie using the stuff I got from packages. I bet she would love to see that if I ever figure out how to do it.

I was thinking it would be best to just send the pieces. I can put it all in the box with the other version since the dimensions are the same. I didn't know that Harrison had broken up with his girlfriend. I never wanted to ask him about her over email since it might trunk him out. I seem to hear about all of the best info and gossip from you. Glad to hear the business is all squared away and there won't be any huge consequences from that. I got moved into an area that was even smaller than Kewanee out here in FarmVille. We have things going really well though. It makes me think what could be happening in other small areas. I sometimes look at what was going on in Kewanee over the years before I left and wonder if some of those elders were really working all that hard.


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