August 3, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

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Since it sounds like you wont be on to have a reply, I guess I just have to squeeze everything into one E-mail. To start with, my game wouldn't be in my boxes at all since I left it at their house when we played it on the week I got my wisdom teeth out. It has to be floating around in their house somewhere if it still exists. In the girls play room on the end of the top floor they keep all their games. (that shows how many times I visited while down there.) That would be my best guess at where it might be. It could also be in one of the older boys rooms as they could have looked at it over the last year. If you cant find it anywhere than i would just assume I lost it somewhere else. Is Jordan hanging around the house at all? I was just thinking about him being available as I sat down and read about everyone being in Utah. Hopefully everyone is having a really fun time.
This last Saturday we had a meeting all of the training companionships go to in Richmond called return and report. For about six hours I was back in my old area in downtown. I spent time at the chapel I used to attend, and walked along the streets I biked along for three months. That was kind of weird.
This coming Saturday is yet another transfer call. These things are only getting shorter it feels like. I hope I stay for one more so I can finish training, but you never know what will happen. After my three months of training is done, I'm pretty sure I will leave. President Wilson loves to keep trainees in their first area after their trainers leave so they get to lead an area, plus I cant seem to keep an area for more than three months. I'm starting to think I might just get to keep doing three months for the rest of my mission. That would mean a ton of areas and I would get to see lots of different parts of Virginia.


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