July 20, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

We finally sent home Elder Smith yesterday. Things were going a little rough with him around. It was just time for him to go. He has been in this area for seven months and I think he gave up hope of success a long time ago. Things are admittedly slower here. People don't take as much interest as we would like. We try our best though. Things are bound to start happening. I found a nicer new pair of shoes that fit pretty comfortably at a discount clothes store. They werent pennies, but they were very good quality for the price. Training is interesting. I cant help but feel really responsible to make sure everything is being done right. It can get annoying if a part of the program I really stress gets annoying to Elder Bair. Another set has the typewriter this week, so I cant use it for now. I'll get it back. I was thinking about taking it with me to my new areas since I need to buy a bin for all of my games and would have the room. It would be funny if not impractical.

It is a little weird to think that I am getting up there in age. I now have a junior companion. That could be a pretty regular thing from here on out. It's also interesting to see that President Wilson likes to take trainers out after they are done training so that the trainee has to lead the area for a little while. That means I could easily do another three monther. I could be well into my second year when I stay in an area for more than three months if that ever even happens. I also don't have last night on earth.


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