July 13, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

Things are going fine in training. A lot of practice goes into each morning as we have our studies and get more comfortable in teaching situations. I can tell Elder Bair has a bit of a problem with authority, so that could prove interesting for his mission. This new district is a lot different than ones I have been in before. Nothing is bad, but I have always been one of the newest missionaries if not the newest in the district, but now when Elder Smith leaves in a week I will have been out the longest out of the whole district.

Being a district leader is just fine. I get to help out the Elders I have in my district and get to go on exchanges with them. Everything seems to go well so far. Elder Bair downloaded an app to get photos from his camera to his I-pad. That app wasnt approved and he got a call from President Wilson that made us all a little jumpy.

The I-pads are okay. They seem to be more of a nuisance than anything. I do enjoy being able to use it in teaching situations, but i am just waiting for the companion that just goofs off on his I-pad all day.

Hopefully things work out. Good luck with all the stuff at home and with Maddi. Today is a zone P-day, so we will see how that turns out.

During zone p day we play a game that's a lot like ultimate frisbee and basketball with a football and do what ever people suggest for several hours. I hate these things because they are way too long. The last few hours were fun, but now everything is dull and people are just doing. Nothing productive.

I might need to stop buying games altogether. I miscalculated the total on my card since I can't just check it and while at the store put 20 dollars on your account thinking I would get that pulled out of personal funds to pay you back. I was off as you can tell. I'll pay you that back because I don't want to abuse your card, then I'm on a spending dry season.


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