July 6, 2015


5th Area Farmville


Elder Matthew Bair

weekly email

You heard we were in Farmville. Elder Bair is my new greenie. Elder Smith goes home on the twentieth. We live at 801 Griffin rd. Farmville va 23901. So far everything is going well. I was hoping not to have to deal with a dying missionary for a long time, so they gave me another one.

Have fun with Madison. I bet Lizzy will love having her around for a little while. This area actually has a game store in town again. At this rate I will be hosed by the time my mission is done. just last week I found a new firefly ship and a board expansion that includes a new store planet and reaver space around Miranda the reaver planet from the movie. There are also now two more reaver cutters.

The branch is dying. We have minimal support. That's something I will be working a lot on. It seems like no missionaries have thought they could do work here for a long time, so they don't fully engage. I just worked with a branch of about the same attendance, so I will have some experience on how to get stuff done.

I just looked at my shoes from the bottom and they are going to fall apart soon. I don't know anywhere in town where I could get a good pair and these ones we found were really comfy. They're Dockers and it says prostyle on them. They are these.


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