June 22, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

Made it to the library.

(Response to question about Father's day) I haven't sent him something yet. I didn't think about the date last week. I don't know much about what we might do today. We have a lesson tonight with a guy that was referred to us by some other missionaries that is getting baptized this Saturday. Everyone made their appointment to get to church and their lessons this week, so all three people we had working towards this weekend to get baptized and confirmed will be able to make it. My companion has one week left in the mission field, so that is a lot of what he likes to babble about.

I don't know if I would need to send anything home yet. I do need to get a storage bin for all my games. It's getting really bulky. One of my previous comps did that. I figure after two years are up there will be some stuff I won't want to take home with me that would free up a lot of space. I can tell that most of my shirts will be really worn out. I will be happy to send some winter stuff home. If you didn't notice yet, we ran out of money for the month, so I have bought some food using the card. That has partly been because my companion ran out after like a week. He loves eating out way too much. I ran out quicker because I couldn't just let him go hungry. It's kind of funny to watch him eat whatever he can find. Often enough I let him eat some of my food.

I'll be fine. My companion is not very long sighted, and he has no more home funds. His family doesn't have much to spare for more expenses. Just a few weeks ago he overdrew his debit card like 8 times and ended up with a 400 dollar fine. He only got out of that because his sister works at his bank and his card isn't supposed to let him do that.

(response to a story about homemade ice cream) Huh, enjoy that ice cream (and everything else). We are pretty much down to ramen for a little while. (Mom: Well, on his last night, if your don't have an appointment for dinner, take him out on us. Not Biagi's level, but something good.) okay. I can do that. It looks like we won't have a dinner based on what this branch has shown over the last two and a half months. Another reason why we are out of money.

(response to house repairs) Have fun working on the house while I am gone. Maybe I should fake an illness to come home and go back to Virginia after the house is all ready. Sounds like you guys are really taking the idea of leaving Illinois seriously. Sounds really annoying and that is all this I can say about that. It feels really weird to be twenty now that it's been a few weeks. (Mom: You sound so old being 20, wait until 21, you will be an old man) Yeah. I can tell if I keep working hard for the entire two years i will be really tired when it is finally all said and done.


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