June 8, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

It's been a long week having a Monday that we have to do work on all day. ON the bright side, this means that the next P-day will come faster than expected. We had some pretty cool stuff happen this week. Tell you more about it soon.

I was just watching a short video about the life of Elder Perry since he died on Saturday. That's about all of our week that we talk about. Weirder stuff happened, but we are supposed to keep that all personal. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned Latoya. Figures with Church privacy and all.

Latoya - June 20th is her date and she seems dead set on it. The whole problem is that her commitment level seems to us to be far lower than it needs to be for her to stay active. If she keeps her commitments and comes to church enough times, (she slept though church last time), than she has the right to be baptized. It's just frustrating because a baptism isn't much without activity even a month later.

I have fifteen minutes left so this is about like three things. I can resend that confirmation order if you need it. I ordered some books three weeks ago and they are now two weeks late on arrival. sounds like they got lost somewhere along the way. If you still wanted some ideas about what I might want for my birthday because no one likes an uninspired money answer. I was shown a game in my last area called Doom the board game. It wasn't a really mainstream release so it's probably about as much as you usually like to spend on a birthday. That doesn't matter just saying its a lot for a game. That would be a good idea if you were looking. Its based on an old game about shooting demons and other stuff like that so its really distinctive. I think it also has a demons face on the cover. That sounds like a really good missionary game right? thank goodness for p-day. now there are 11 minutes left just so you know.


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