May 18, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

I am here in Richmond for another six weeks. My companion is here until he goes home. He is starting to really get into the going home attitude. I hope it doesn't cause problems later on in the transfer. The other set of missionaries in the branch had one get called to another area, and two will replace him since the Elder who stays is going home in three weeks. After the next group goes home there will be a drop in the number of Elders in the mission. I think they will pull the two of us out and combine the areas into one, but I could be wrong.
(from Mom- Dad went up to Lorna's Saturday to clean out the house, he brought back stuff and there was an old 8mm projector and some old family movies, so he can watch the movies. He is so excited.) He mentioned Lorna's in an Email, but I didn't hear about any home movies. Sounds exciting. I didn't take him to be a very big family history type.
(in response about family history) I suppose it has to start somewhere. I can be just the opposite, not that interested in the history or stories of ancestors, but more concerned about their work.
Did you guys get any kind of contact about the I-pads? They mentioned that all the home families would be contacted about it. The conference about that is in less than two weeks. Lets just hope I can get through 15 months without breaking or losing it. Those things are expensive to replace.
Are there any finals going on in school right now? It feels like it's about that time of the year.
As an update, our investigator Shernita came to church this Sunday and is good for baptism this Saturday if she is approved by President Anderson's baptism interview.


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