April 20, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

talk given on April 19th

One of the most touching ways that our Savior Jesus Christ can show his perfect and endless love for us, his brethren and sisters is through his remarkable example of sacrifice.

Most any Christian believer can testify to you of Christ's ultimate sacrifice in Gethsemane and later at the Cross, but that was his greatest sacrifice, not his only sacrifice.

As Jehovah, God of the old testament, our beloved brother gave Adam and Eve a choice, knowing full well what it would be. He knew that giving man moral agency coupled with mortality would cause immeasurable amounts of suffering throughout the length of human existence and he also knew that he would have to watch every moment of it. Being the loving God that he is, seeing such endless misery would make every fiber of his being yearn to dispense total relief and comfort for all who are in any need. He cold not however, as this would halt our eternal progression.

We would all live perfectly happy lives free of sin, pain, sorrow, anger or any other negative emotions, but it the most literal sense of the word, we would be damned as there would be no room for spiritual growth of any kind under such bliss.

Despite knowing all of this, Christ allows himself to endure that to him would probably seem the hardest of pains. He allows us to fall that we might learn to stand, but he cannot leave us alone as none can stand on our own. The loving and tender hard of Jesus Christ is always extended to us, so that any who only reach out and take it will be lifted up. As the beautiful statement in Robert Keen's inspired hymn states, "Fear not I am with thee; Oh be not dismayed; for I am thy God and will still give thee aid; I'll strengthen thee, help the and cause thee to stand."

Brothers and sisters, I know that Jesus is the Christ and I testify of his perfect love. To sacrifice means to give something good to achieve something better. There is nothing which Christ has that is good that we will not happily give so that we ma be better. Amen


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