April 20, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly letter

I lost my notebook a while ago, so this is all that I have to write on. The weeks seem to get by a little faster out here as I am out longer. Last transfer seemed like the shortest one so far but this on is flying by pretty fast too. It didn't help that I was only in my last area for one transfer. It's king of funny that my trainer only have 2 1/2 months left, but we have had the same number of areas. I got an e-mail from Harrison while at the library. He is still in his first area and still with his first companion. Six months is forever not to move around. In here I put the rough draft notes for a talk I just gave in sacrament in here. The branch out here is a lot like Kewanee. They even have the presidency be assigned from out of the branch. A lot of people try but there are no real leaders to get things going. Your letter just showed up. Only one day soon and it would have been here on time to get a permanent library card. My companion and I do well in our area. The other Elders in the branch sleep half of the day. It's sad how little they actually care to do work. Elder Bushman will make the second companion I have been the last one to do work with before they go home. My last comp was going to do that, but we got split up on his last transfer.

All is well, Love Elder Applegate


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