March 23, 2015


3rd Area - Fredericksburg, VA


Elder Wells Martineau


Dear Mom,
P-day is pretty much spent, but we did get to play axis and allies in a pretty intense match. One of the other Elders has actually played it before, so I didn't have to train everyone in how to play. I have been trying to take more photos since I am pretty bad at that. I still don't really do the whole selfie thing, but I might try one behind my comp in a minute. My missionary funding card didn't work as we went to the store today. We put all our groceries up together and pay for half of the cost. After my card popped out on me, I had to use the credit card and figure out what happened later. Then it was obvious, the cashier had no idea what to do and tried to charge me for the whole thing.
I feel like writing to Lizzy sometimes but I run out of time and can't really think of what to write. This week I'll have to think about it and get her next week. This week will make seven month away. It also means I'm almost twenty. That can be a bit of a weird thought. Funny thing is I got Christmas gifts some LEGO and just sot some from you, so I don't really have nay more room for legos. It's funny how your wish list changes when you run out of space. I got several board games from a store in addition to the ones you have sent me, so that is also taking up a lot of space. See you at Mother's day.
Love from Me.


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