May 11, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

Just to start off, it looks like memorial day is set as a proselyting day, so P-day that week will be on that Tuesday.
Did Grandma and Grandpa stay the night or did they take off to get home? I remember that they rented a place in Idaho but I can't remember if they actually live there. (they left after dinner and went back to their house in Decatur) That's good. How is Betty doing? (She complains about her foot a lot, it is painful for her. She has to wear a brace to support her foot after her back surgery she had a about 1 1/2 years ago. Grandpa told her to not wear it one day and her foot hurt differently but it hurt, so no matter what, she is going to complain about her foot. I am not sure how much longer she has and if she does remain for a long time, I believe it will continue to be painful for her but she is not ready to go yet.) That's too bad. Have you guys managed to visit down there recently? This computer will let me send pictures, so ill Email some.
(so when you have a tablet, you can easily take pics on it and them just send them from it without having to worry about if a computer will let you or not. That will be good.) That will be much easier. It could look kind of weird though if missionaries are going through an exhibit with I-pads taking pictures. For those things, I think a camera would be better.
There isn't much else to do around this area for P-day anyway. We're still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves today. We could really easily go somewhere out of the area and I have looked at what is around. These guys wouldn't be remotely interested in board games, so that will wait until after we get some new elders.


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