May 4, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

Just thought I would let you know that we will be able to Skype at a member's house on Sunday. You should be able to call him. It was also announced in a zone meeting that I-pads should be here around May 29th or soon after. It's coming quicker than anyone thought, but much later than anyone wanted.

(So do you have a time that you want to skype on sunday?) Nope. It's more up to when we can be accommodated to. I will let them know after we leave that you guys can get into contact and set that up. It looks like any time after one o clock our time and before six will do.

Things are going really well. I was going to mention in this E-mail anyway that we have our baptism on Saturday. We have done a lot of teaching compared to what usually happens in this area. This last week was actually the most lessons I have taught in a week. We also have another baptism for Shernita Bolden next week. She was the one who referred herself on She takes everything seriously and really studies the gospel in her personal time. She has insightful questions everytime we meet with her. Apartment living is fun. The other set are complete Piles. It makes me not want to slack off even more when you are around it a lot.

(so how is your comp? Is he a pile also or is he cool?) We both do work. He has about 8 weeks left, so he can get trunky. We get along just fine. He has a personality that can easily clash with others though, so some of his previous companions have complaints about him.

I would keep in contact with most of my companions after my mission. I could room with maybe two of my companions so far. After next transfer is done, all but one of my companions will be gone from the mission field. It might be about the time where some of my companions start to be our for less time than me.

(So your comps so far could be married by the time you get home?) One might be able to pull it off. The other two are either not looking for marriage right now, or just too socially awkward to be married that quickly.

Less than a minute left on the timer. Talk to ya next week. I love you all.


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