April 20, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

That sounds amazing. I hope everything is okay for him. I don't remember much about Lorna, but it's still sad. Maybe this will be a point for dad that helps his personal testimony of the Gospel. This last week we had several referrals. Before now I haven't seen those lead anywhere, but we met several very interested people. They each have challenges, but we think they are ready to accept the gospel.

Is there any good stuff going on in the area for the missionaries right now, or anything interesting.

I wrote Dad a message and now that's all that is on my mind. I don't know what else to talk about.

(Sam gets his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, so that should be fun.) Is there any real reason why he needs to have them pulled or is it just something to have done? Did he get his ACT scores yet? That's a big part of the end of the year.

I didn't want to rub anything in. I just want to congratulate him on scoring so well. He did well above the average for the country, and beat most of the people in my class. Could you let him know that?

How much time is left until the school year gets out? It cant be too much longer now. (they get out around the 22 of may, so about a month. Trust me, they are so ready to be done) Just one more year for Sam, then he gets to move on to other stuff. (he can hardly wait. He is really struggling this year. It is almost a daily fight to get him to get up to go to school on time or at all.) What is it that is making him so uncaring about going to school? (I am not sure. He is a "always greener of the other side" type person.)

How are all things Elizabeth? Is she anxious to go to Utah or does she just want to get out of Kewanee? (she wants to get to be closer to Jamie's family and also closer to where you will be for college. She also wants to be somewhere where there are more girls her age at church.) She mentioned that she wants to be close to where i am going to college? I understand being around Jaime and her girls. She has to learn to love duke though. (Well, Utah is a lot closer to BYUI or BYU, she really misses you.) I know and I wish she didn't have to, but that's how it works. We're taking off. I'll hear from you next week.


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