April 13, 2015


4th area - Richmond Virginia Branch


Elder McKay Martin Bushman

weekly email

This new area is a complete Ghetto as much as I hate that word. You name it, and we have it in the poor all black neighborhoods.

We live at 900 W. Marshall St. In apartment 106. Letters are fine. Let me know if you send a package so I can grab it as soon as possible, but it looks fine for getting stuff. Did you find out if grandma and grandpa Kiel sent anything yet in case it goes to my old apartment? My new companion gave me an idea to write home a scary moment of the week every p-day where I get to scare you with weird stuff that happens. This week a drunk guy started preaching to us, a Woman walked out of a store with only a sweater on right on main street, and in investigator's son got shot. Fortunately he survived.

(response to asking if the area is in Richmond or a suburb) It is in the city itself, and we are right next to VCU campus. There are a lot of really immodest girls running around. It's the combination of all this stuff that makes this area so hated by other missionaries.

(so how to you like your comp?) He looks pretty good so far. We do a lot of work. The good old bike is still getting a lot of stuff done. He came here from car, so his adjustment to our mode of transportation is a lot harder than mine. There are two other elders in the apartment as well, and they don't look to be doing as well.

Around here everyone gets their way payed by the government. Some people are actually humble that is true, but a lot just feel unaccountable for anything they do because they have no responsibility.

(well, I would assume you will not have many good dinner appointments.) That looks like a good guess. We will make due though. The library needs a proof of a Richmond address for me to get an actual library card. If you could write me a letter soon so I can use that to get a card that would help a ton. I don't think you would mind too much.

Is anything new going on back home? To keep you updated about what is going on out here, the ward mission leader's wife is not a member. She has been taking the lessons and is on date for may. It's actually a really cool story. She lost a child during birth, but after that event the child now an adult visited her in a dream and told her to be baptized. That was handed to us with no particular effort of our own. Other than that we are trying to find.


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