March 23, 2015


3rd Area - Fredericksburg, VA


Elder Wells Martineau

weekly email

I just wrote Sam a message about his help in finding magic cards. I talked about how much I appreciate your help in stuff, then I poked some fun at how lost you can get when it comes to that kind of stuff. I have no idea what the value would be. Sam seems like he is doing better.
It's kind of surprising that Antionette isn't coming to church much anymore. I don't remember if just Jazmine left for BYU or if Antionette is the only sister left at home now. If so, it can be hard to lose your support system. The members aren't very good at filling those kinds of voids. I think that's a sad but church wide problem. I could write her a letter. Could I get her address and the correct spelling of her whole name. Middle name isn't important.
11 dresses for the play seems to be a bit of a hassle. I bet it only gets worse when Lizzy is running around excited about her little party. She should really enjoy that though. Maybe she can use her new and untested piano skills. Things look good here. We have a game of Axis and allies planned and one other guy has actually played it before.
I thought sending it to you would be the easiest way to get it home. Brother Pearson was baptized on Saturday. As soon as I get a way to send photos home I will send plenty. While you mention it, we have just had the confirmation that one of our current investigators named Ayannah Scroggins is getting baptized on April 3rd. We have seen a lot of faith in her; there isn't a doubt that she will make it there.
Go for The aversa family. They are basically members that aren't baptized. Jason the son is the only one we know the first name of. Rose Williams is progressing well. Amy Randall is ready to get baptized as soon as she can stop smoking. She really needs it. We have to go. Talk to ya next week.


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