March 16, 2015


3rd Area - Fredericksburg, VA


Elder Wells Martineau

weekly email

This new area is going really well with the biking initiative. It takes a lot of time to get some places, but being in areas like this has pretty well gotten me into great shape for biking. The amount of stuff we do doesn't seem like much of an issue any more for me. After a hearty five guys grilled bacon hot dog dipped in A1 steak sauce, the exertion can hurt a little more though. My new comp really likes board games too, so we have already had a huge marathon of gaming in our down time on p-days and a few snow days.

We have several progressing investigators in the area that were taught by both sets before we lost a set of missionaries. Ayannah Scroggins is now getting baptized on April 4th. Rose Williams is looking terrific for baptism sometime in April. Jason Aversa has an older sister who was just recently baptized, and is praying about his own date. In Culpeper I found out that David Pearson is getting baptized this Saturday. I wrote you about him about a month ago. We are getting to attend that because it's so close.

Yeah. I can take pictures again. I don't really have many new ones right now, but I will definitely get some at the baptism and of other stuff. Are you at work today, or is that no longer a Monday thing?

Cool. The reason I was asking was partly because I have a bit of a wish list. It shouldn't be too hard to do though or I would feel bad for asking. Now I'm not fat, but my waist is a bit bigger than when I left. I could really use some of those larger pants we had ready. Since those are coming anyway, I was wondering if you could also send me some of my Magic cards as ridiculous as that sounds. My collection is way too bulky to send so I just wanted the actual decks I made. they should be in one of my drawers or in the giant magic boxes in my closet. They are all in little deck boxes, so it should be easy to spot them. I bet Sam could find them if you need help. Just tell him I could his help and that I let him use my jacket. I always seem to cash in on favors. The one other thing I was thinking of that I almost feel too imposing to ask for are factory and anti aircraft gun pieces for axis and allies that the game didn't have. You could just have dad do that if that's okay. That's a pretty tall order. I did get your package with the Lego's though. I'll have to send you a picture of this ridiculous lego thing on my desk.

There are only three decks and a small set of cards in another deck box. Two are all black colored and one is all about Zombies. The other is a mix up of black stuff. They are really easy to identify. One is White red and green, and most creatures have the word sliver in the name. The fourth is full of cards that are what is called mythic rare. Pretty geeky I know. They all have a symbol On the right beneath the picture. Those symbols will all be a darkish red.

For elders P-day today, my comp and I as well as my old district are meeting up for a game called hero quest. I'll take a picture and send it next week. Thanks a ton and a half for all the stuff I wanted. I'll take a whole ton of photos for you of lot's of stuff. We got to go so enjoy your week.


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