February 23, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

Weekly Letter

Well, it's the last night I have in Culpeper. Earlier today for p-day the district played an old dungeon explorer game called Hero Quest. It's from the 1989 and it's so geeky that it's insane. We found it tucked away in the Spanish apartment and they let us keep it since it didn't belong to anyone. That's one more bulky board game to carry around. On the good side, it also adds to my nerd creditability.

This week also marks another big event for my mission. On the twenty seventh I will have been out for six months. You could also look at it as being an eighteen month countdown as of the twenty second. I missed two years in full by five days.

I'm down to my last three stamps so I might need to buy some soon. It's funny to see how huge inconveniences don't affect missionaries but a little thing really can.

I've packed all of my clothes, so I have on outfit and a suit out still to last through transfer day. It's a lot of fun to pack your life into a few cases and plan out how you can get everything you still need in at the last minute. My bedding is the worst one, but I need it until the morning of transfers. With the vacuum bags, I would say it all takes up about a third of the room though.

Enjoy stuff, Love Elder Applegate


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