March 2, 2015


3rd Area - Fredericksburg, VA


Elder Wells Martineau

week emails

In case you didn't know, I got transferred into the same zone I was already serving in. Fredricksburg south was the zone Culpeper was in and I am still in Fredricksburg south. My new address is at 11140 sunburst Ln. Apt. D Fredricksburg, Va 22407. My new area has to be the biggest bike area I have ever seen. it takes a good hour at least to go see several people on the other side. I met the Ward mission leader on my first night and he almost had a fit when he found out we still didn't get a car. It's so big because we got given the sister missionaries area that used to serve in the ward. They had a car of course, because sister missionaries get pampered to no end. When they left they took the car with them. I guess they needed it elsewhere. my new comp is so far going great. We actually share a lot of interests. He likes board games a lot, so we will have a lot of fun there. Apparently there is a game store up here in the city, so we are planning on going there today to look around. Occasionally I have needed to use my personal funds for stuff, so i was wondering if there is a way that I can check up on what is in there?

from Mom: Bikes, well that should make for a fun rest of the winter but that means you will be getting enough exercise that you can eat more candy!

I guess that might be true. Most of the weather out here is completely managable if you bundle up, so I have no real problem with it. My legs were already broken in during woodbridge.

from Mom: I knew Fredricksburg was the zone so I wondered if you had been made a zone leader already. That would be crazy.

Heck no. That would be more work than I would want to do, besides they usually make district leaders into zone leaders.

from Mom: that is what I thought also, so I was a little concerned that you had been promoted way too fast. As a Sister missionary, we did not have the option for leadership other than being a senior comp which does not really mean much. Anyway, there is a lot to be learned from the leaderhship positions when that comes and you can have a positive effect to help other missionaries. so when the time comes and I am sure it will, let the Lord work through you. You will deal with leadership thru out your whole life and there is a lot that you can learn during your mission to prepare you for that.

I feel like you are cursing me to inevitable leadership. If that does indeed happen, I will happily do whatever I need to and be the best I can, but i don't desire for it to happen. Most missionary leaders don't. I was just joking with you about leadership stuff. This week made six months, so i am well on my way.

from Mom: the next 12 months will probably fly by and then the last 6 months will probably slow as far as how quickly it seems to go by.

I got all of my stuff moved. It was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, but it worked. I may need help in the future though. If that happens I will let you know.

from Mom: once the cold weather is gone, you can ship your winter coat, boots, long sleeve shirts and blankets, etc and that will save you a lot of room. If you don't need firefly anymore, I am sure that we would be more than happy to take care of it for you for a while to help save room also.


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