February 17, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

Weekly Letter

The first thing that I am quickly coming to realize out here is that I am acquiring too much stuff. Just yesterday we found a 1989 fantasy durgon game involving wizards and goblins. I'll send a picture so you can see how bad it is. I think there will be real credibility to your shipping stuff between areas idea. It wont be much but there probably will be some stuff. I'll need to work out how I can ship stuff to my new areas when I wont know my new area's location until after I leave.

Transfer calls are only a few days away and we are really anxious about what will happen. I think that just knowing what is going on will make that go away no matter what the result is. Since I have a fifty percent chance of leaving, I bought little food this week. If I leave, I have to buy new food anyway; if I don't leave, I can get more food next week.

Sunday night we saw people who signed up from dinner and had appointments with all night. Monday we got snowed in. Tuesday the other Elders lost their phone, so we spent our few hours after p-day working on that, so we have not done any proselyting in like 3 days. We are really anxious to get out.


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