February 23, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly email

The results are in and I am indeed moving on to a new area. I was going to write you a letter today that I will put my new address as the return address. That should get there before next week, so you will get it sooner.

So Lizzy is excited to move. Are there particular reasons why she would love to move away so soon? (in response to details about how Lizzy is doing) It's parts like that that I hate not being there for. I'm sure she misses just being able to do stuff.

Did you guys get any bad weather recently? This last week was the worst in Virginia I have seen yet. Saturday was covered in six inches of snow, but only in Culpeper. We didn't get out of our complex after like three in the afternoon.

It is true that everyone down here has no tolerance for the cold. School gets cancelled a lot for bad weather that is actually pretty mild. Usually one or two inches of snow could get a day off. Sometimes even the threat of snow will get school off just in case.

We have been saying goodbye to people. My camera is currently out of batteries. Hopefully I can get some pictures sent to me.

(from Mom: I wanted to ask if you got a trunk or how you are doing with getting your stuff packed to move?) I did manage to get an old trunk with black polka dots on it for my move.

(from Mom: Polka dots, well you could probably get some paint and get rid of those easily.) It doesn't matter to me. It makes it really easy to spot in a room if I am ever looking for it. Those vacuum bags are also really helping with getting everything packed to move. It's all because I have multiple bulky board games to get everywhere.


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