February 17, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly email

(from Mom: is there anything else you need for the game?) Well since you ask it needs factory and anti aircraft pieces. I would wait to hear if I get transferred though before you send them. I could be leaving a week from today.

(from Mom: So transfers are next week, the elders here had an odd 7 week transfer rather than 6 week so I was not sure if that was the case with your mission.) I have not heard of that here. We are being called this Saturday. We got here at the same time two transfers ago. That usually means one of us will leave. I have a half and half chance of getting my third area for my six month mark. We moved in a new senior missionary couple yesterday, then this storm hit, so we ended up having to be inside all day. The cars weren't allowed to drive and we weren't about to walk at least four miles to in investigators house.

(from Mom: I hope you have warm enough clothes. Was it nice to have a part day off?) Yeah it was nice. I could have been fine in the weather, my companion was not equipped to go out. I just read Jesus the Christ, and discussed gospel topics.

(from Mom: How is your comp doing? I tried to log into your lds account and get his e-mail address but it does not show up. What is his email address?) I would assume it is just We don't really have use of each other's addresses until we are split up. Things are going better. There are times that I feel like his watcher, but we make things work.

(from Mom: I am glad things are continuing to be ok with your companion and I am sure that you will be happy to have a new experience with someone new. I did not want to tell you before that until you figured out a way to work things out this your companion and learn what you needed to, neither of you were going anywhere.) Yeah I have to make it work for those few transfers. Now this companionship is going to end and I get to see what the next assignment is. I wonder a lot about who is staying. It doesn't really matter to me that much, but it's whats going on at the moment.

(in response to asking people they are working with) We are mainly working with a less active sister's husband named David Pearson. He was going to get baptized this saturday, but he didn't make it to stake conference this week, so he is pushed back to next saturday. This gives him more time to get over his tea drinking, but one of us will be gone for it. We have several other potentials, but none are really progressing at the moment.


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