February 9, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly email

So you also said that you have some pieces? (reference to Axis and Allies game) Are there any more that you have not sent yet? I can get along with what I have until they arrive if there are. I'll ask more questions after you respond so I don't swamp you.

I got the chips, so good there. There is also a world domination planned for today. (Axis and Allies game) Tell me about Morgan and Tyler. How are they, how is their activity and stuff like that, how does he seem (and her too)? Also how is Dad? It's great that he spoke. (reference Jeff speaking at Tyler's baptism)

I am going to give my computer to a sister missionary who is waiting for one, so if I get another I will send you a message, but this might be all for now.

(I asked about sending Valentines Candy) I found another computer. To answer your candy question, I slipped up and bought myself a bag several weeks ago. I do not believe I need any more temptation coming from home in convenient boxes. I do really appreciate your care packages though. I got the game from the post office after our mailman informed us it was labeled 225 not 215. I think that has happened before, so be careful about getting the correct building on there, which is 215.

(from Mom: yes, I think I just sent a letter with the wrong address also. sorry. I will only send the candy that branch people got for you.) I guess I will have to be ok with some candy then. Flip.


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