January 26, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly letter

Dear Mom, so this is the start of week three out of six for the transfer. Seeing as to how we both came in two transfers ago, I am really sure that this will be the end of this companionship. The real questions I have is whether I will leave or if Elder Afemata will. We pretty well worked out a compromise that allows us to get along much better. It mostly works well but I will be happy not to go over to the church for an hour each morning so he can play basketball.

So this was the first week of my mission where I had no more monthly finances, so I am living this week out on what food I have stored up. I won't go hungry but it's interesting to plan out what I'll eat and when stuff gets used. Next month is the shortest so money will last much better. It's my own fault I'm broke and I am not suffering at all, so I hope none of that worries you at all.

When we got here to Culpeper, we were told that it was a completely awesome area. The work we have is great and we do have potentials and people we work with but finding new people is really difficult to do. Any will listen but very few actually do anything with themselves or what they come to learn. All too often, work or personal interests are set way before God. I easily know that being Mormon and actually living a gospel life are huge sacrifices and changes but I know it must come first, so I get ticked when others don't do it.

This area has been great for inactive work though. We pretty much re-activated two members; one was out of the loop for over 10 years. Her 8 year old Derek White even got baptized while we were here.

Two years are still a very long amount of time to be away but 5 months are officially down. As I told Harrison, thinking about that stuff and the ending ages makes me feel old. Enjoy the week, Love Gareth


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