January 20, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly letter

Dear Mom, I am sure you read my e-mails by now about axis and allies during p-days. I got the other elders in the district to want to play it too and I'm just so excited to have that to do. That's both the geek and Jeff Applegate in me talking. So far we have played tons of Bang. Usually I don't do the best job as my role in the game. Last game I was an outlaw but I shot everyone who wan't the sheriff.

I read the top of the paper and realized that my middle name is spelled differently on my Patriarchal blessing. Is that spelling correct? I don't care about it deeply enough to justify looking it up.

The husband of a less active names David is set to get baptized on the 14th on Valentine's day. I thought to start informing you about people we work with. We also work with a couple name Chris and Jackie that we have high goals for.

Speaking about Valentine's day, there is a poster for a singles dance on the 14th that makes me trunky, which is what the missionaries still call it. Six months out isn't too far away now. Everything seems to go okay out here. I still hang in and work with what I've got.

Love Gareth


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