January 26, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly email

Did you read anything about my game at Jaime's house. Sorry to bring it up so frequently, but everyone in the district has me itching to play.

You said that I had just last week finished 20 percent of my mission.

(In response to telling Gareth I would send out old copy of the game to him) The problem With our copy is that I took several of the pieces including the money and the chips to use with my copy that I left at their house. I would still love you to send it, but could you look up on ebay or something to find some axis and Allies chips. They can arrive at a later date, but we will eventually need them. You could easily have Dad help you find what kind of chips go with the game online because I don't think you have any idea what the heck the chips you need are. Go ahead and charge me for those. I'm sorry to have this be so difficult to do but I am very grateful for you being willing to do that for me.

(In response to Mom saying she had forgotten about something I asked him)
That's ok. Simple Jack can really have a hard time remembering some things. (Response from Mom "are you calling me Simple Jack?") Kind of. It was just a recollection from years ago when we used that all the time, but I still say thank you for being willing to do so much. Also about Mr. Clark, what was his E-mail address? I could happily send him a message.

(In response to a picture of the snow) We got a couple of those days and the whole state shut down. I laugh at Virginia's definition of bad weather.

Is Kaylee having really bad behavior? Or is she just stubborn? just don't let her become the dominant resident. She would be so much more enjoyable when she at least doesn't try to bite you when you challenge her, even if she is a troublemaker.

Email to Elizabeth: Hi Elizabeth. I hope you are enjoying school and that everything is going really well. I also hope you enjoy church a lot. I know it isn't that fun to do, but it really is very important to do. Jesus Christ blesses us with his gospel and we really need that in life.


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