January 5, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly letter

this was received after the email on Jan 12th.

Hard to believe it's already week six out of six for this transfer. When I don't think about how long everything it is seems to go much faster. I still have times when I miss stuff from home. I even made a list on paper of stuff to d or look up when I get home in two years. Every time I think of something I really want to do, I just write it on the list and move on. Most of them are old games or stuff I did as a kid then I think back on . I'm gonna youtube a lot of old toys and stuff. I think I'll look up a list of all star wars lego sets that have even come out. That will just be a laugh about stuff that's fiveteen years old. Man, that thought of being twenty one when worldly life resumes makes me feel really old.

I still enjoy the work out here, it does get frustrating how long it takes to help someone get from found to the font, if they even get that far. We went to go see a less active family on the list of members a while ago. It turns out that they found out about some contraversial history of the church and Joseph Smith, which led to a complete loss of faith. I was really ready for it, as I had already overcome it all. I'm sure Dad played a part in that. My comp however was not ready at all. He needed a talk to about stuff to not freak out. I described it to Harrison as a sucker punch to the Cojones.

We got Rebiks cubes at the store today. The fact that another Elder is showing us the different moves to solve it is kind of cheating, but no one ever figures it out on their own anymore. Over the past couple of weeks I have really wanted a copy of Axises & Allies. So I need to go to toys R us to get one. I already know they have it because I saw it there when we want a few months ago for stuff. Shows how we use tractime in Woodbridge. If anyone wants to know what gift card to give as a gift for stuff, toys R us never fails because I have a excuse to be 10 years old again for a few hours. The rest of the time I take my call seriously.

I love and miss you all, Elder Applegate

On the back of the envelop was this note:
So I forgot to mention this in my e-mails or this letter. I could really use some of those bags you vacuum all the air out of to help me at transfers. This last one was rough for space. I think I'll also buy another large trunk. It's not like I have a plain to think about at the end of 2 years.


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