January 12, 2015


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

Weekly email

I got the blanket about a week ago. As for transfers, we have not been moved yet. I didn't expect anything yet because it has only been one transfer for both of us. Next transfer though, I probably have about a fifty percent chance of leaving. As for what I need, everything is going well. Just those vacuum bags like I had on my letter.

(in response to "what are you talking about") I guess you didn't get the letter I mailed home then. I forgot to talk about stuff in the letter, so I wrote on the envelope. I mentioned that stuff like clothes and bedding are bulky because they are fluffy. If I could get some of those airtight bags that you vacuum all the air out of to save space that would be fantastic. I also mentioned that I am thinking about getting another trunk at a thrift store or something. A garment bag is great, but it means I have very little room to get everything around. I don't plan on collecting tons of junk for two years, but I don't have a plane to worry about at the end either. The last thing was that woodforest cards don't work too well out here. Tons of places don't have systems that accept them. It was the same way in Idaho. Today is another zone P-day, so while we are in Fredricksburg, I was going to run to a store and get myself a copy of Axis and Allies. That would be personal funds, but I can't currently use them, so I was hoping to just send the total and let you take that much money from my account. At this point that account is useless to me.

(in response to "you can ship stuff home or to your next area when needed") I guess that shipping stuff would work too. I was just thinking that getting a big trunk to get some more room would make it easier to transfer stuff around. All the trunks I see out here are like twice as big as mine is. I probably could have packed most of my stuff into one of my trainers trunks when we were both packing.

So how is everyone doing back home? Are there any new members or friends at activities?

(in response to letting Gareth know that Morgan got married Saturday) That may be the weirdest thing I have heard in a long time. I'm happy to hear everyone else is enjoying themselves though.

Ok. I'll talk to you next week.


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