December 29, 2014


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

weekly email

I thought you might like to hear about how our proselyting week went. Christmas was great fun, but this whole week we have had nothing but cancellations and dropped appointments. our weekly numbers ended up being like one lesson and five visits to less active members. This week is looking far more productive though.

Later today we have a zone elders P-day in Fredricksburg. We leave up there about an hour early, so I am hoping to visit a game store and possibly get a crazy new game to play on p-days.

(In response to message about Lizzy getting a game for PS4 rather than Xbox 360.) That sucks, but I do have a PS4 in my room she can use if it can't be returned. I'm sure Sam can figure out how to set it up downstairs. He may need to mess with it for a little while to show her how to work it. If she can get it exchanged, be sure to get the xbox 360 version, not the xbox one version. They are totally and confusingly different.

(in response to asking about how Gareth handled homesickness after Skyping on Christmas) I took it like a champ as could be understood. I was happy to see everyone and do miss you all, but I didn't let it affect me at all. As soon as I walked out the door, I was back into the missionary attitude. Though, we didn't get to do any missionary work that day. The entire evening from four o clock until we had to leave for home was spent at the Hibbert's playing games. I won in bang as the deputy both times.

Great. I almost forgot to mention that my comp also wanted a copy of bang. We might find it in Fredricksburg, but i don't think it will happen. He was really hoping you guys could get him one. That's just an idea, not an order.


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