December 8, 2014


2nd Area - Culpeper, VA


Elder Kenneth Afemata

Weekly Letter

We have almost made it one whole week in a new area out here. The teaching pool from the area is a little bit tedious to work with out here. One investigator moved away this week with no forwarding address to refer him to other missionaries. Another ended up being the eight year old son of a less active (totally inactive) member. Re-activation and baptism would be great for the work with that family.

My comp and I in Woodbridge were very obedient so when so many others feel inclined to disobey yet still existent rules it frustrates me. President banned magic (a card roll playing game) because missionaries were wasting time playing instead of working, ind of like fishing in our home mission. I obey that rule even though I probably liked magic more than most others yet I won't play it because I shouldn't.

I don't want to sound self righteous; I just believe in strictly following the guides of our leaders out here. There rules probably mean nothing but we are told to so I trust in the judgement. My new companion often asks questions about doctrine or scriptures or opinions about points. I am starting to see some confirmation of where my patriarchal blessing says that my wisdom will be sought after. It's pretty cool not wanting my ego to get too big there.

This week has been kind of challenging but I had a dream last night where I came home early and hugely regretted it. So I take that as revelation. We also played a game of bang as a district. That was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I hope everyone is doing well there.
Love Gareth (I don't see that name much anymore)


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