November 24, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

weekly e-mail

It is very cold out here while we are on our bikes. We just manage to bundle up in more layers to keep warm, and I already have years of humid winter experience. Everyone else in the house talks about the cold soaking through to the bone; I just think of it as a usual winter condition. We went to the Quantico marine museum yesterday, so I had no time at all to write letters. I did get some really good and funny pictures though. We have not been there before, but I bet that dad would love to see it and will think about visiting at some point.

We already have two meals on thanksgiving. We have lunch with the Romos, whom I have only talked to a few times. We have dinner with the family that let us teach our investigator Christopher, who got baptized, at their house. They also invited him to have dinner as well, so he will get to have a great meal with people he knows and enjoy the holiday.

(So is Christopher here alone? No family? Is he here permanently or just temporary?) He lives with a roommate, but he does not have any family here.

I forgot to mention, but we are only allowed to e-mail and go to church websites. So I can't see videos you send me links to for Lizzy unfortunately. Save all that stuff and I can watch it with her when I get back, but I can't see it here.


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