December 1, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

weekly e-mail

Just to start, I figured I should let you know that I got transferred this week, so my address will change once I get to Richmond tomorrow. Next week I will send the new one to you.

We both got transferred. The big surplus of sisters that all came out at the same time is now starting to leave. Our mission wide total of serving missionaries goes from 250 to almost 200 in the next few months. With that loss, our area is being merged with the other half of the ward as we had four missionaries in our ward. We are both going to new areas where we are needed to fill in for the loss. I actually feel excited about having new opportunities, even though I leave several people here that are soon going to be ready for baptism. I serve God and the people, not my ego, so I have to know that I did what I was sent to do, even if I don't see the big reward. I am needed in a new area to get crap done.

About Thanksgiving, We had two full meals within four hours of each other. We ate well. After our lunch at the Romo's, we had only a little time before our next appointment, so the kids had us play pictionary with them. After that we went to have dinner with the Walbrechts. They invited Christopher our recent convert to dinner, which was the whole reason why we came. He had a good time and got to ask some questions after dinner about everything spiritual and other that was on his mind.

Christopher has several friends in the ward and he knows the two elders who are now his new missionaries from the ward already. His big struggle is his fiancee. She apparently proclaims herself to be a self made apostle of god, which is stupid on many facets. We pray for help to be with him, and we both independently have felt heavenly promises that god will keep him safe.

Harrison leaves the MTC soon, I bug him every week about being in the MTC for six whole weeks while I got a week and a half. Of course, you (Mom) got even more than we did back when the MTC wasn't trying to shove out as many missionaries as it could in so short a time. The thought occurred to me that his girlfriend won't get home until six months after he does, so he might be persuaded to room with another RM in BYUI for a winter semester.

(Do you want to go apply to BYU Provo or just go back to BYUI?) I might see if I get in to provo, but I feel more for Idaho right now. The next step after that would be to convince Harrison to go with me.

(What do you want to Christmas?) Christmas candy is about the extent of what I will want in terms of non money presents. As I have been packing all of my stuff recently, I realized more than ever that I have to keep the possessions down to a minimum. I have room for what I am taking, I just don't have tons of space for non essentials that might build up over two years.

I don't remember anything about Skype, so I can find out about who will let us Skype and give that to you. That is the extent of my abilities.


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