December 1, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

This is my last letter from the Prince William Ward that I will write. Transfers bug me every time because I could end up with a pile companion that will make it so much harder to work. I'll be fine. The idea that someone can interfere with my work so easily just king of ticks me off.

We ended up playing risk for p-day today. I bought it two months ago. I'm feeling like I should leave it behind because of how much it aggravates everyone and wastes tons of time. I usually can't think of enough stuff to write to everyone each week, so I started thinking more of family letters to write.

The other set of Elders in the ward had a baptism to follow up ours from three weeks ago. Myself and Elder Clifford taught the Restoration while the converts Tamba and Aiah. We felt like it was the best lesson we had taught and we got plenty of comments about how powerful it was. The converts are eleven years old twins. Their parents aren't members so I always worry about then staying active. Before I got here, there were two girls like that baptized. The are 14 and 13, we spend a decent amount of effort trying to get them to stay active. In the three months they have come twice, so baptizing kids is really iffy to me.

I got a member to take us out for dinner and drive us to lessons for our last day tonight. A few well placed comments and it's done, which works out really well. I'm looking forward to a new area and working hard. Enjoy Christmas at home. Love, Elder Applegate


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