November 10, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

Letter to Lizzy
I've been asking Mom a lot about how and what you were doing. She has mentioned that you are doing a kind of speech team in school. That sounded fun and Mom even tried to e-mail me a video about that, but it didn't work. I also asked about what they think on moving while I am gone Sounds like you wouldn't mind going to Utah. That would put you really close to Jaime and her family. I would ever be going to college really close. But Utah only has hot and dry for weather. That's a long time away though; no need to worry about it now.

Being a missionary is a lot of work, but a lot of good stuff too. We study the scriptures for an hour every day, which is actually really cool to do. Once you actually want to take time to read the scriptures, you really start to learn a lot about God. Now I know so much stuff, people out here have me teach about Jesus to them. Everyone who will listen learns a lot, so you become a missionary when you get older, people will look up to you as a professional on religion.

To be honest it is a lot of hard work. Missionaries do a whole lot of stuff each day and there are no real days off. I however know that I am doing Christ's work out here and God supports his missionaries. Have fun and remember what you believe. Love Gareth

Letter to Dad
Here is the first of the missionary epistles written on the official Elder Applegate paper. The teaching goes well out here; we teach several people on a regular basis. A couple of our investigators are moving well towards baptism. As I am sure you know however, it takes a long time to get someone from knows nothing to feels ready for covenants. It doesn't really surprise me, but no one knows anything about Christianity. Most people know the name and something about being saved.

Biking is getting really fun in the cold. Fortunately it hasn't snowed yet but I think with the way things look, I will be here until mid January. My coat keeps out water pretty well, so I'll just add another layer and ride carefully.

Everyone else in the house of four elders is from out west. I hear the weather in Virginia changes every five minutes a lot. That would seem true to someone who only knows dry and clear with the rare storm. Nothing about the weather is new. It's actually king of funny. Living with other missionaries full time means there is a lot more fun going on than the public sees. Lot's of joking.... Enjoy the holidays, doing great, Love Gareth

Letter for Mom
First, I do need a coat soon because it will get very cold soon, but there is still time. Hopefully at some point I will stop needing to ask for stuff sent here from home but for now that isn't the case. Heck, I-pads would be a big chunk right there.

The members of the area are great. Some in particular are really memorable. Brother Craddock is a very joking, playful guy who is also believably tough. We know his is always carrying a pistol on his waiste and one day we rode up and he was outside, so we did a fake door approach. He flashed his holster and eyed us for a few seconds then we all laughed I also like Brother Sherman a lot. he works for the FBI. He loves coming on exchanges and fellowships investigators really well. He was even the man in yellow suit for Halloween and his toddler was George. Everyone works for the government up here. We even have a few military commandos in the area that are married to members.

Dinner is most of the time Mexican food or casseroles so I secretly hate dinner appointments. That's my area. Love, Gareth


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