November 3, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

I thought I would share some of the interesting things I learn about the Gospel and doctrine, church history since I'm around it full time. Most of what I mention is just interesting facts that don't really change anything or expound stuff. First, if John the apostle never died, but was allowed to live to see the second coming then he had to travel to America and walk up to Joseph Smith, say Hi and greet James and Peter when they conferred the Melchezedic priesthood. Here comes some expounding so bear with me. At the resurrection of Christ only the righteous that died before him were also resurrected. When Joseph received the Aaronic priesthood, it was given by John the baptist. This John got his head cut off before Jesus died on the cross. I am assuming John was righteous so he got to be a part of the first resurrection with Christ. Because he was resurrected, he could lay his hands on Joseph to give the Aaronic priesthood.

In the D&C we learned that one third of all the spirits never got a body but became evil spirits on earth. There have been about one trillion people to live on the earth in all of human history. By the match, if no one else was born, there are currently 500 billion evil spirits on earth. More than 60 for each and every person on earth. There are going to be many more births to change the number but we are really out numbered.

Love, Gareth


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