September 29, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

Dear Mom, Lizzy, Sam Dad and the Great Nibbler (dog) and Mom's YW,

First I would like to say that I received all of the letter the young women sent. Many of them had ideas to say and after I am done writing to my family personally, I will write a few words that you can share with them about their letters and my experiences out here.

To Elizabeth whom I have not addressed directly in a while, I want you to know some more about what I do out here. You have been blessed more than you can see to be born into a family that raises you in a belief in Christ, and that you have during your young life known God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit closer than most people have ever or will ever know them. I am out here teaching people about that all day for as long as anyone will hear me. I study the scriptures daily so that I may know with sincerity what it is that I teach and I promise you because of that knowledge if you will study God's word, you will also lean these things. Ask Mom to read with you and God will teach you just as he does to all men "according to their understanding".

I know that God is there for me specifically and he is just as readily accepts all of you as he does to his full time missionaries; for he "loves those that will have him be their God".

To the Young Women, I read all of the letters that you sent to me. I was intrigued and ever glad to hear that you all continue to remain engaged and at least manage to remember I exist. The one thing that I believe I can speak with any relevance on was Antionette's talking about my experience, helping her on a mission. Though she intended to tap into the reserve much later, there are a few things that anyone who wants to someday serve should think about now. King Benjamin told us that when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God. Mosiah 2: 17. Having only been out here for a month, I can guarantee that if someone does not have a sincere and strong desire to serve both God and brethren, no one can diligently serve a full mission in faith.

The one other thing you should do or start now is to read and take to heart the Book of Mormon and what it teaches, as well as the four gospels in the new testament to learn of the life of Christ which we should base our whole missions and ever our lives on.

Enjoy all of your time because I have plenty of time yet never enough.


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