October 6, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

I got you exceptionally long letter that you wrote in Macomb today. I liked the amount of thoughts you had composed in that particular letter. It sounds like the Husky mastermind's grand plan to take over the house is now set in motion. She knows and take advantage of the fact that if she can just get upstairs, then she will inevitably become an upstairs dog.

Things continue to go great here and I am just glad to hear that things continue to go happily while I am away. I doubt my absence would affect activities too much though. I do greatly enjoy being out on a mission but a full time mission is really hard and I am convinced that selflessness is the only way anyone could ever get through it. Just an inspiring thought that explains the reason why I personally am out here. Not to get too bid a head.

I am also glad to hear that Elizabeth gets to be in a small performance if that is what she wants to do. She should have fun and practice to do well when it counts which I am sure she will. Her pinkie pie animal doll (my little pony) is standing right here on the front of my desk. Dang it has bid eyes.

Keep strong and the days and months that I am gone well melt away. I know they already do out here and although I don't look only at when I am done but enjoy the work now, being back will be pretty much the best time ever.

Now it is late and I must get ready for bed. Love, Elder Applegate

P.S. No, I don't have a first name any longer.


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