October 13, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly Letter

I feel like it is sometimes hard to think about what to write home about here in the mission field. Everything is practically the same or similar from week to week. We spend all day every day immersed in the Gospel and to the outside world who wants to listen. I am an authority on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We prepare everyday and I can truly feel that because of my actions and thoughts out here that I teach with divine authority from God.

We were referred to a man from Ghana in Africa who was taught a quick lesson at a bus stop by a set of elders. He now has appointments to see us, come to church and enjoyed it spiritually and was already committed to baptism. This makes the third person we are teaching that is actively working toward being baptized. Without any more exceptional effort than any other devoted elders I know the Lord has given us great success from the time I entered the field. It amazes me to see what can happen and what I can do.

When people say that the mission goes far to quickly, it is the weeks as I have found not the days that fly by. Each day is eighteen hours of work and has a lot to it, but each week ends before I can have time to realize that it is happening.

As I am sure that you can remember, it is a very strange thing to in an instant leave the world and become a full time man of God. I thought that it was a lot like what nuns or monks did in other churches except I am actually achieving greatness out here. It is also great to know what greater things are in store for me. I love you all, which is why I am here.


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