September 15, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

Weekly letter

Today is the first p-day which I have in the field. It is during these periods of free time that I like compose letter home, as the amount of time I have to write as well as the length of paper make it far more personal. I am happy in the work that I am doing out here but I will say it is hard. I find the day to day experiences to be rather easy actually and do not find lots of stress in my schedule. The one thing that makes this hard is knowing that I won’t see any one of you for two years. Without that obstacle, like if you could serve in proximity to your family would make a mission a relatively easy experience for me. I do not feel discouraged and I agree with why families are out of the picture, it’s all just a big game of what ifs. I do not want anyone to feel concerned, especially Mom. I am not suffering with homesickness; I am just daunted by the length of which I will be away.

The missionary work goes on just fine out here. I find joy in both teaching of Christ and serving others, two things which should go together perfectly. The schedule is not too bad and my physical strain isn’t beyond comfort either.

I find that if I think about it one week at a time, it is far easier to get through. I realize that letters are more hassle than email, but if you took the time to write or type letters ever so often, it makes what you want to say more meaningful and you can more fully complete thoughts. As I mentioned, food you guys send me is the only food in the house which is not consecrated, so that is always a huge upliftment. I love to hear from you soon and that you are doing ok as well.


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