September 15, 2014


1st Area - Woodbridge VA


Elder Clifford

1st p-day in Virginia

I finally made it to my first p-day this morning. It sounds like we will get to go to the library at around the same time every Monday, so you could easily figure out when to expect e-mails on Mondays. I am glad to hear that everything is going well and want to say happy birthday. I hope everything there goes well and you guys have a great time. You may need to send a picture of Kaylee so that I can see just how big she is getting. As long as she is still a little sweety, i think the biting phase of life should at least be bearable.
Things are going fine in the field and I am enjoying the work as much as I can, but I got sick on the plane and I haven't seemed to get much better over the last week. I got much worse on Wednesday, but then at least got back to the condition I started in the next morning.
Everything else is going just fine, and I am getting used to a biking area right off the bat really well. Based on the amount of time during meals and after we get back for the night, I would now consent to having a music device. If you wanted to find one of you choice and put all the uplifting music you want on it that would be great. It easily gets to a point where anything, even Disney, is worth listening to out here so put whatever you want.

I will most definitely need a raincoat. The area is really cool though; we use alot of back wood routes to take shortcuts through the area. It shouldn't get really cold for at least a month.

Yeah, the ward that I currently am in has two sets of missionaries serving in it. The four of us live in a house that was set up for us and is owned by a local member. I lucked out and everyone says that this is the coveted apartment. We have two separate study rooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen, and everyone gets their own closed and dresser so that is really nice. My trainer is Elder Clifford; he is really nice and takes what he does seriously. I was just happy to know that I wouldn't have to drag my companion out of bed all the time from day one. We don't seem to have any contention and get along just fine.

Thanks and I love you all.


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