December 15, 2020


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Elder Casablanca

Week 25

Hey ya'll what's up! It's been a fun time here in Utah. We had transfers last week and only a few people got switched around in our district. My good friend Julian is my neighbor now, so that's cool. Casablanca and I are still here. This is probably going to be my last transfer here, but another wouldn't be bad haha. Let's jump into it!
Lunes: We celebrated my birthday because it was p-day. We also played a lot of volleyball.. Lots of Volleyball lol. Later in the night we went and talked to Genaro, so that was awesome!

Martes: We helped some members with their branches which was way fun. Service is the best as a missionary! We also went to a house that has 3 giant dogs that I had to distract while my companion knocked the door. It was fun, but those dogs are crazy.

Miércoles: We rode down one of our major streets and knocked the English members looking for Spanish references. We ran into this one member who had been in their house since April, she said she was running out of food. We told her we would try to talk to someone, but we didn't know what we could promise. After we left, we remembered the food bank (the one I used to do service at) was going, so later that day we brought her 3 boxes full of food. She said we made her Christmas. Missionary work at it's best. 

Jueves: We had weekly planning! Isn't that so exciting! Not everyday of missionary work can be as exciting as weekly planing haha.

Viernes: We had a lesson with a lady named Nicole. She's super nice and has talked to missionaries before. She has a few needs that can be solved by the gospel (well the gospel solves everything soooo), so we are excited to start working with her. Also I got my bike stolen! Yay! Lol. We went to knock on some investigators door, and when teaching moments appear, you just take them. That meant that my bike was outside for like 30 mins, and poof it was gone. It's okay, we at least got a good lesson in exchange haha.

Sábado: We had a lesson with one of our investigators, his name is Felix. He's pretty cool. He is learning English and the gospel. We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him and now hopefully he's going to read it by himself. We also had a lesson with some investigators, but surprise the wife was baptized in 2002. She showed us her baptism pictures, she is inactive. Double surprise, she wants to be married for time and all eternity in the temple. So we're working with her husband. We're excited for him because of all the support he'll get from his wife. We talked to an inactive family also. They had Turtles.. Very cool.

Domingo: Lots of stuff on Sunday. Church. Stake zoom calls. Studying. And FHE! For FHE this week we made a board game kinda like shoots and ladders. It was a plan of salvation board game. Very fun haha.

Spiritual thought: In Mosiah 23:21, 22 it's says   21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.   22 Nevertheless—whosoever puteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people. I'll give some quick background. The people of Alma are a very righteous people. They built the church of God and prospered in the land of Helam. Even though they were doing everything the Lord told them, the Lord saw it fit to try their patience and their faith. Why would he do this? It's kind of like metal. Why is metal placed into a scorching hot fire? So that when it has been through the flames it can be changed and come out even better. In verse 22 we receive a promise from the Lord. If we trust him all will be fine. Their is nothing that he doesn't know and anything he wants to inflict upon us will make us stronger. Trust God he knows what we need more then we could possibly perceive.

Elder Martineau (Alfaunzo)

Picture 1: Some silly bunnies trying to steal my bike before a door contact.
Picture 2: Yay baby Turtles!
Picture 3: Some keys we found on a pole. Casa told me to take a picture not sure why lol.
Picture 4: Me trying to clean my face after it got slammed into a cake. Yay Mexican birthday traditions. 
Picture 5: Izaiah's Baptism!


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