December 1, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Casablanca

Week 23

Hey Everyone, how's it going! I am loving it over (up, down, depending on where you live in orientation ) here.

Lunes (Monday): We played volleyball with some members of our district, so that was way cool. My companion is addicted to volleyball. He's been teaching me how to play though, so it's been fun. We also had to finish making/editing a Live Event for the mission Facebook page. Yay procrastination!

Martes (Tuesday): We did my favorite late night activity on Tuesday! Setting up ministering moments with members! The members are cool, but the best part is that we don't have to be out in extremely cool weather where people would rather die then open their doors lol.

Miércoles (Wednesday): We talked to Isaiah's mom and she said that they were going to be out of town on the baptism date. Not sure if you guys know this, but a few things are required for a baptism, the priesthood, water, and the person being baptized... We would be missing one of the major things. It was kinda of funny though because we told her we could do it Dec 3rd or Dec 9th, but Dec 9th is transfer day, so there was a chance I could get transferred. We totally thought she was going to say the later date, but we were pleasantly mistaken because she said that the 3rd would be better! What a blessing!

Jueves (Thursday): Thanksgiving or dia de acción de gracias! We ate dinner with our district, so that was fun. The mission also gave us a present! See the pictures to see what it was!

Viernes (Friday): We had a few lessons. We taught Isaiah some things to help prepare him for his baptism. We also had a lesson with Género our ward mission leader. We tried to put him on date, but he said he had already been baptized, so that was a bummer. Genero is awesome. I don't have Facebook so I wasn't able to participate in the #dagracias or #(whatever It's called in English again), but I would have made a post for our wonderful mission leader. He has taught me so much Spanish that I am pretty sure any mission work that I do he receives at least 10% of the blessings lol. He's great!

Sábado (Saturday): We had a lot of lessons... That fell through, but that's okay because my theory is set up 10 lessons and you are more likely to get 1, which we did. His name is Felix, he's pretty cool. He is trying to learn English and is also interested in the Gospel, so we have been helping him with both. It's kinda funny because I now get to see a Spanish speaker try to learn my language, which is surprisingly helpful for my Spanish lol.

Domingo (Sunday): We had Xochitl and Felix at church which was so cool. To be honest I was helping pass the sacrament and was extremely surprised when I noticed the person I was passing to was one of my investigators... Not one of my proudest moments haha. We also had a FHE (NdH o Noche de Hogar, FHE is better) activity where Xochitl's kids showed up. We watch "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration", very good movie. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch. I would advise watching it in your native language though. That movie was my 3rd language study that day :P

Spiritual thingy: Have you guys ever thought about repentance? I stumbled upon an interesting talk that talks about why we still remember our sins after we have repented of them. Very good talk, it's by Brad Wilcox. The title is "If I'm Forgiven, Why Does My Past Still Bother Me?" He brings up a very interesting concept, if Jesus Christ takes the sins of those who earnestly repent, then why when we think of our past mistakes do we still feel bad. I will let you watch/listen to the talk yourself, because it's answer is way better than I can sum it up, but as we step closer to God our past sins stand in a greater contrast to the person we've become. In the talk he talks about a marble egg he once had. He asked "What made the egg so beautiful?" to a man. The man answered "The dark lines." Our dark lines make us so much more beautiful because of the triumph we have made. Now don't go sinning just to repent... That would be stupid, plus only those who sincerely repent reap the true rewards of coming closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Martineau

Picture 1: Ramen Tacos... They were interesting. Wouldn't recommend them. Maybe 4/10. Also look the towers from my live event! 
Picture 2: A house divided against itself cannot stand lol
Picture 3: The mission gave us Share the Light scarfs! I have a special scarf now, which is way cool!


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