November 17, 2020


Salt Lake City, Cannon 6th Ward (Español)


Elder Casablanca

Week 22

Hey guys! It's that time again! This was our first full week out of quarantine, so we didn't have a ton to do except knock a lot of doors. We'll let's jump into it!

Lunes (Monday): We finally got out of quarantine and it felt so great to go buy stuff at the store. We played volleyball with some Elders, and tried to knock on people's doors.

Martes (Tuesday): We rode around, knocked some doors, and probably talked to some interesting people. A lot of the days as a missionary feel the same, but that doesn't make the mission boring. There is always interesting people you talk to, and people who want to learn about the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Miércoles (Wednesday): We had exchanges and during exchanges it was snowing... Snow is pretty awesome, but when you have to pedal into on coming snow.. It's not too enjoyable. I also had my chain snap during exchanges, so I was on foot for the rest of that day (and the next days). I am still on foot to this day haha.

Jueves (Thursday): I was going through area book to see what we did on Thursday, and I saw a meeting that happened from 1pm-2pm called "Hablar con Terry." Who's Terry? I asked my companion and he doesn't remember either. There was an hour meeting we had with some guy named Terry apparently, but we don't even remember anything about it. I hope there wasn't anything too important.. Lol

Viernes (Friday): Knocked some more doors and we had district council. Lots of walking. We got some new people in our district though! We have Hermana Lawes, Hermana Hancock, and Hermana Charters (she is from my district when we did the CCM online, so that is quite a coincidence).

Sábado (Saturday): We had exchanges again. When you're locked inside for 2 weeks you have to make up with multiple exchanges in one week. It was fun, I got to hangout with my pal Elder Julian and ride his companion's bike so that was great.

Domingo (Sunday): We walked a lot, but we also had 3 people at church. One of them is named Felix and we actually met him for the 1st time at church. He was a reference from the mission over, so he's way cool. 

Well that was my week! Nothing too interesting, but not everything in life is crazy, so we accept calm weeks as a blessing :P

I'll leave with a spiritual thought from The Book of Mormon. It's one of my new favorite scripture because it's just short, precise, and funny. Jacob 6:1212 O be wise; what can I say more? Just be wise my friends. Follow Jesus Christ and you will find happiness and purpose in your life. :)

Elder Martineau

Not many pictures from recently. I'll try to find some things to take pictures of.
(Picture 1): A spider I found awhile ago. He's pretty small, so I had to get really close to him
(Picture 2): A scarf! I found one at a Deseret industry nearby my house! It's pretty cool. 


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